Duke Law

JOE—this one thinks you have a “corruption problem.” Why do so many of these people not like you??

  • Referred by: Demand Justice
  • Promised to prosecute ICE if she was elected New York Attorney General (too bad she wasn’t!)
  • Ran for NY Governor, too, on a heck of a platform (we could borrow some of this!):
    • higher minimum wage
    • rollback of notorious conservative Andrew Cuomo’s tax cuts for the wealthy
    • ban on fracking
    • no standardized testing in schools
    • voting for convicted felons
    • tuition assistance for illegal immigrants (and driver’s licenses of course)
  • Joined Occupy Wall Street
  • A member of Bernie’s “political revolution
  • Wanted to sue Trump to force him to sell his business and "use her office to put Donald Trump in prison."
Judge Cornelia
"Nina" Pillard
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