62 years old
Stanford University Stanford Law School

Remember to ask
her how to handle
losing an election

  • Referred by: Demand Justice
  • 24-year congressman for downtown Los Angeles, former chairman of the House Democratic Caucus
  • Loves going after pro-lifers—when hidden-camera journalists revealed that Planned Parenthood was selling baby parts, he went after the journalists with 15 felony charges
  • Sued the Trump administration 62 times—over the border wall, DACA, climate change, the census, sanctuary cities, and more!
  • Ordered pro-life crisis pregnancy centers to help women get abortions—but got shut down by the Supreme Court, which is why we need to put him ON the Supreme Court!
  • Working hard to make sure California can force nonprofits to turn over their donor lists, so he can go after the conservative ones
My favorite Xavier quote:
“I'm going to fight to the death for a public option”—meaning socialized medicine!
Brigitte Amiri
James Forman,
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