Fordham University
Georgetown University Law Center

Ok with you? He attacked you for enforcing truancy laws in SF.

  • Worked for pretty much every Left-wing legal shop:
    • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
    • Public Citizen
    • DOJ Civil Rights Division
    • ACLU National Prison Project
    • Americans United for the Separation of Church & State
  • Started his own firm, mostly sues Donald Trump
  • Doesn’t like guns, can’t stand Catholics taking care of foster kids
  • Thinks Trump, Pence, Conway, Nunes, and a bunch of other Republicans “all have blood on their hands” because of Coronavirus
Favorite Deepak quote:
He “likes to believe that there is such a thing as ‘law’ that can be kept in a separate sphere from raw partisan politics”

(might need to work with him on that a little)
Rochelle Garza
Sherrilyn Ifill
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